References from business customers

Read through the references from business customers. Ask those listed for their opinions of the hotel.

Poštovní spořitelna   [ ]

JUDr. Vladimíra Vrabelová
First thing I would like to stress is the tranquil neighborhood and pleasant and hospitable staff. Secondly, the professional attitude toward solving any needs. I can always rely on 100% satisfaction inline with what has been agreed. I have visited you a couple of times and I plan to come back soon.

P.A.R.K., jazyková škola   [ ]

Mgr. Roman Kožnar
Thank you very much for the high-quality hotel services provided during the intensive langue courses we conducted in your hotel. The entire facility is ideal for our trainings. We were surprised by the ability of the hotel staff to fully meet our needs. We were very demanding but the staff managed to meet our requirements. Our students come form prestigious companies. They are accustomed to high standards and all of them were very satisfied. I personally appreciate the flexibility and endeavors to fulfill any requirements this is vital to our school. We want to keep using your services in the future. I have recommended the hotel to my students and friends a few times.

DEMA DEKOR CZ s.r.o.   [ ]

Jiří Kudrna
Thank you and your employees for a positive and friendly attitude. I have been your customer since you opened. I always find a cozy atmosphere, with great food and well-equipped wellness centre. Our business partners and I are looking forward to spending many more tranquil days at the hotel.

Kariérový a personální servis   [ ]

PhDr. Edita Bosáková
We carried out a lot of trainings for our clients in 2006. I have to say that the our large amounts of trainees never complained about the facility. The hotel is beautiful with perhaps “good karma and feng shui”. This facility can carry out various business events even for top companies. The most important for me as a customer is the professional and helpful staff. All our educational programs have been a success, and never been spoilt. There is not such a place in Moravia.

VCES a.s.   [ ]

Ing. Václav Šafka
We were satisfied with both training facility and free time spent in the beautiful Happy Star hotel. Accommodation, food and hotel services were great! We were fascinated by the unique architecture of the hotel. Thank you again for nice services and we are looking forward to visiting again.

Jihomoravská plynárenská, a.s.   [ ]

Veronika Petříková
Jihočeská plynárenská a.s. has lots of trainings at the Happy Star hotel. Our employees have always been happy with the cozy atmosphere, high quality hotel services and very professional staff. The facility with wellness centre satisfies our needs for outdoor and indoor activities and we plan to use it again.

MEK-IN, s.r.o.   [ ]

Ing. Petr Mrkvica
As our clients come from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other parts of Europe we were looking for a facility with good access from the Vienna airport that provides top hotel services. We sought excellent accommodation in a tranquil area, training areas with good equipment, nice food and last but not least an equipped wellness centre. We “discovered” the Happy Star hotel right after it was open to public in 2005 and lots of our training session for an important client took place there. As we were happy with everything we keep bringing other important clients to Hnanice. We recommend the hotel to our friends and companies we deal with. Currently we have booked a few business events in the Happy Star hotel in advance for this year.


Karel Matoušek
Special thank belongs to the team of the Happy Star for outstanding services. The hotel provided us with everything needed for our business meeting, from professional equipment for our presentations through to great food, and cozy accommodation. The hotel is situated in a great place with easy access from Prague, Vienna and Brno. I am always coming back to South Moravia drawn by the beautiful Podyjí National Park, nice local wines and the Happy Star hotel.

Horwath TPA Notia Audit s.r.o.   [ ]

Veronika Jiroudková
The well equipped facility is located amongst beautiful scenery and is ideal for business events and trainings. We were satisfied with the hotel services, hotel facilities, professional staff, great food and sport facilities.

inSITE, s.r.o.   [ ]

Tomáš Pospíchal
The Happy Star hotel is a synonym for great services and one of the best hotels in South Moravia and the Czech Republic. Our clients appreciate the great service and always want to return. Come to discover the magic of South Morava through the Podyji National Park, local wine and the Happy Star hotel.

McCain Foods Czech Republic s.r.o.   [ ]

Radek Moravec
From my own experience it is an ideal place both for working and relaxing. I am again and again fascinated by the quality of food. Your cooks are real masters! Both management and the staff was professional and always tried to fulfill our requirements. The Happy Star is a great spot for business and family events.


Pavel Gestinger
One of our most important business strategies is to provide excellent services for our business partners that visit us for meetings, presentations, seminars, etc. In May this year, we used the Happy Star hotel for a meeting with business partners. Both parties were happy with the top-quality services. We plan to use the hotel more often and that is why I agree to post my reference on your web-pages.

PCS spol. s r. o.   [ ]

Miroslava Krejzová
The hotel is very nice and is ideal for a meeting with our business partners. We appreciate the tranquil surroundings of beautiful nature, not in the centre of the town. Overall, I do not have any objections. It is a cozy hotel ideal for business events that we organized there.

NIKE   [ ]

Ing. Petr Sodomka

ČSOB, a.s.   [ ]

Tomáš Jursík

Avon   [ ]

Hana Balcárková

Home Credit a.s.   [ ]

JUDr. Jana Nešporová

Česká spořitelna, a.s.   [ ]

Tomáš Krábek

STAROBRNO, a.s.   [ ]

Ing. Emanuela Stofferová

ING   [ ]

Marie Chmelíková

VŠCHT   [ ]

Assoc. Prof. Josef Krýsa, Ph.D.

OVB Allfinanz, a.s. ČR   [ ]

Ing. Petr Chmelař

LAUFEN CZ s. r. o.   [ ]

Ing. Radim Babák


Blanka Grácová

Kärcher s.r.o.   [ ]

Jana Hogrová

Miss Cosmetic s.r.o.   [ ]

Petr Kollek

InfoTel, spol. s r.o.   [ ]

Ing. Pavel Košťál

SFS intec s.r.o.   [ ]

Dipl. Ing. Jaroslav Štok

PLOBERGER s.r.o.   [ ]

Tomáš Čeleda


Eva Konopková

Develor Training & Consulting s.r.o.   [ ]

arolina Volejničková

TART, s.r.o.   [ ]

Šárka Hradská

PEGAS NONWOVENS s.r.o.   [ ]

František Klaška

DuPont CZ s.r.o.   [ ]

Jaroslav Demela

GRISOFT, s.r.o.   [ ]

Marcel Nohel

SITA CZ a.s.   [ ]

Ing. Renáta Ježková

SCHMACHTL CZ spol s.r.o.   [ ]

Martin Andrt

ISM International s.r.o.   [ ]

Lenka Průšová

PROFIMET s.r.o.   [ ]

Ing. Vladimír Jalč

Glasspol, spol. s r.o.   [ ]

Jiří Gregor

Česká pojišťovna a.s.   [ ]

Jana Radová

Tesco stores, a.s.   [ ]

Jiří Matusík

Puma Czech Republic s.r.o.   [ ]

Kamila Slezáková

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